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  1. ribbie
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  2. Gord
    2018 has arrived
  3. Tony The Fisherman
    Tony The Fisherman Mike B.
    Yes, I am interested in knowing more about Cedar Lake Lodge Ontario . Forgive me up front, but I am going to ask a lot of questions.

    I am going to this lake in the 3rd week of July 2018, can I expect to get a Musky if I am targeting them for 3 days ?
    If I am fishing for Musky, what kind of water will I need to target ?
    Can you catch enough walleye to eat daily ?
    Thanks a bunch !!
  4. ribbie
    last day of work for 2017 :)
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    2. Ernie
      Lucky bugger! One n a half for me.
      Dec 21, 2017
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  5. Tony The Fisherman
    Tony The Fisherman Ernie
    Hi Ernie, 1st time to any forum, I am looking for fishing information at Cedar Lake Lodge
  6. prezdead
    Does anyone know how much snow is at big whiteshell? Packing and wondering if I need gear for deepish snow or bare ice. Tnx
    1. Ernie
      You could start a thread thread and ask. Should more feedback then here...
      Dec 8, 2017
    2. craigm
      I don't know how much snow they got in the last dump (south whiteshell got 12"!!), but I am 99% sure you won't be dealing with bare ice.
      Dec 8, 2017
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  7. JennDave
    Owner of 3 seasons tent rentals, live and frozen minnow sales. Welder/ mechanic
  8. Patty
    Fuckers better send smoke signals if your making fun of my ass on that other site.......... lmfao
  9. ribbie
    if anyone sees and good shimano rod deals today let minnow!
  10. ribbie
    Are the ions known for bad blades? Buddies broke on his 4th outing with it, right on the screw...
    1. Andrew
      If it's a brand new auger, the issue could be the cutting head's angle, because the greater the angle, the more stress exerted upon the blade's mounting points. I'd say he ought to call up the mfg because they might have to replace more than just blades
      Nov 20, 2017
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    2. ribbie
      Ya he won the ion in march last year and has used it twice. Apparently a common problem according to his internet sleuthing.... blamed on the screws being too tight? I'll mention what you said to him though. Thanks Andrew
      Nov 20, 2017
  11. Finns McGruff
    Finns McGruff
    RIP Malcom Young , Thanks for the memory's. AC/DC Best Rock Band Ever!
  12. Gord
    we should have a spending limit here
  13. ribbie
    If anyone is wanting to head into south cross bring an axe... downed pine blocking the tunnel for wider boats
  14. Andrew
    Stupid website - click the link and then refresh the page to see the details
  15. Andrew
  16. Coward
    Coward ribbie
    3xl in the halibut only
    1. ribbie
      Wow they went quick then they had in green and charcoal regular sizes earlier
      Oct 18, 2017
    2. Coward
      No doubt. At $99 that's so low. I was ready to pick up a back up pair. I picked mine up for $175US when the dollar was at par and that I thought was a steal haha.
      Oct 18, 2017
  17. ribbie
    Need a new bib? Cabelas.com has guidewear extremes for $99...
  18. Bryan
    Beautiful day on water today, 53F
  19. Bryan
    Bronzeback beat down tomorrow
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  20. Bryan
    Red RvR sucked today, never seen a fish caught